Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cowardice And Hollywood - Nothing New Here

The recent capitulation from Sony Pictures to the NOKO's is nothing new. They have been self-censoring themselves when it comes to Islam for the last thirteen years. Since 9/11/2001, Hollywood has gone way out of their way to kiss muslim ass and not offend Allah. I'm talking about NOT showing Islam in an unfavorable light when it comes to terrorism. It's called being a Dhimmi and basically means to submit to Islam for non-muslims in the form of obedience or taxes. If it involves ISIS it could mean losing one's head. Either way this shit coming out of Tinsel Town is nothing new. The only target they'll have left after bowing to Political Correctness will be Nazis and old white guys. They've always been fair game and easy targets for the PC jerks in Hollywood anyway, especially when it comes to offending anyone white and male.

I find it highly ironic that before the World Trade Centers were knocked down Hollywood made a ton of money and movies making fun of Muslims and depicting them as barbarians and blood-lusting killers who flew around on magic carpets. And after the terrorists actually carry out a monstrous and heinous attack for real, Hollywood pulls the plug on the so-called stereotypes and muslime cliches. It would be comical if it wasn't so chicken-shit. With the exception of the "Taken" movies and a couple of other obscure films I can't recall just now, you won't see Muslims portrayed in a negative light at all. Sounds like censorship to me. It doesn't matter who imposes it.

I gave a nice little example five years ago in a post of what Rolland Emmerich had to say about his movie "2012" when he destroyed damn near every major city, country, and continent on Earth with the exception of anything "Islamic". When Emmerich addressed the issue he confessed he was terrified of having a Fatwa issued had he shown any Muslim landmarks such as Medina or Mecca being destroyed. Does this sound familiar. It's parallel to what just happened to Sony with the NOKO's.

But this time, the story is; Sony was supposedly hacked and openly threatened by the fat little lard-ass Kink Junk Unc who currently leads North Korea. At least that's what Sony and our government claim. Personally I believe the Chinese may be behind this and the movie was just an excuse to test their hacking skills for some future nefarious project. There are bigger targets for the Asian hackers than some dumb-ass movie about the fat little shit running the soap opera country known as North Korea. My true sympathies lie with the people of North Korea who have to eat grass and weeds to survive, not with the politically correct assholes in Hollywood who are scared of their own shadows. They asked for this years ago.

So before everyone feels any sympathy for Hollywood don't forget they have been doing this to themselves for years in the form of not offending anyone Muslim or listed among their other victim groups. Click on the link to my old post above and you'll be able to read several examples I offered. This is nothing new and I don't give a shit if Sony loses every dime on this dumb-ass flick they now won't release. They set the precedent themselves years ago. Now they can lay in the bed they help make. The movie will hit the net in torrent form anyway as soon as someone gets a hold of screener to post. Just my prediction.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stop Crying Wolf Pravda And Do Your Job!

Watch the following video by Christina Hoff Sommers. She is what feminism should be about. Her extensive writings on what Feminist Nazis are doing to the boys of America are real eye openers. Here in the video below she weighs in on the rape hysteria that is infecting Pravda and America's college campuses.

As the title of this post suggests, crying wolf (and RAPE) too many times will hurt the REAL victims of sexual assault in America. Real crimes against women will not be believed if this shit keeps up. And as with of today's many politically correct story lines, we can place a huge amount of blame on American Pravda. Keep it up media and your readers won't believe it when you predict the sunrise.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Who's The Real Chicken-Shit?

Bibi The Man vs  A Choom Toking Boy: Click To Enlarge

I don't know who actually called Bibi Netanyahu a "chicken-shit" but my money is on Omama... or else his beady-eyed little sack-of-shit of an advisor Valerie Jarrett. But a great case can be made in favor of either one of these slimy bastards being the culprit.

Omama is more likely than not seriously jealous of Bibi since he's what's considered in this day of metrosexual males as a real man and not a candy-ass such as Omama. It's just a guess but outside of being towel slapped on the ass in the showers at school or being hammered in Dodge Ball, Omama has never probably never had a physical encounter with another man in his entire life. I'm sure Omama's Sow of a wife Moochelle can (and probably does) kick his sissy ass on any given day. Any woman with feet and arms that big is not to be messed with.

The case for Valerie Jarrett is a bit deeper. She was born in Iran and probably has some serious ties to the people and culture that will never be erased... hence her open support of the Persians and the joke of a nuclear treaty they both are contemplating. And along with her candy-ass of a boss, she too despises our Military. But for either one of these traitors in the White House to refer to Bibi Netanyahu as a chicken-shit is the ultimate irony. Neither one of these assholes would ever bare arms in defense of our country. But they are gladly "transforming" our service men and women into Eunuchs via the social engineering they have forced on our troops.

As for Bibi Netanyahu - he's a veteran of the IDF along with his late brother Yoni who was the leader and the lone Israeli Military casualty of the successful raid on Entebe back in 1976. For all of Israel's citizens service in the IDF (with the exception of Arabs for obvious reasons) is mandatory. Omama despises our Armed Forces along with our men and women who serve. I'm sure it's a reminder of his own lack of patriotism and basic cowardice. I'm sure he feels the same way about the IDF too. Especially the women who serve. Any woman in the IDF could probably give his skinny ass a serious beat-down if necessary. And Omama knows it.

Who's your money on? My guess is Jarrett. But it doesn't matter. General Valerie pulls the strings for this sissy-man sitting in the oval office with his big feet on the Resolute Desk. He, along with his bitch Jarrett have NO respect for anything traditional or what may be considered sacred. I pray I live long enough to see this trash put curbside in 2016. They both belong in the garbage and in three short days America has a chance to begin cleaning house by tossing out some of the other trash in congress. Tuesday will be a red letter day.

Study the photo above and tell me who you feel is the chicken-shit. It's a tough choice (sarcasm off) but you can bet your last dollar that one of these reeking assholes used the phrase. We may never know for sure but we do know how both of these shit-stains feel about America. They're both "chicken-shit" personified. Bibi Netanyahu is a REAL man.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wild Bill On "Moderate" Muslims

Hardnox, blog leader and owner extraordinaire posted this Wild Bill video over on Nox & Friends this morning and I thought I'd pass it on. As usual, Wild Bill nails it right on the knat's ass. If there were ever an oxymoron it's the term "Moderate Muslims". Just where in the hell are these moderate practitioners of the "Religion of Peace?" I'd like to know.

Final Musings: I have several Muslim acquaintances I deal with on a business basis and they're always quite honest and friendly. The only thing is; there is always a quiet and pensive thought in the back of my mind when I deal with these people. Would they allow some fellow radical muslim to chop off my head without a word of protest for some perceived offense to Allah just because the Koran mandates it? Would they speak up in defense of my life? I'll always wonder. For some reason I don't feel this way about my Sikh, Jewish, Hindu, and Christian friends and associates. Now why is that?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Java Puzzle For Today

Just do a simple browse through my other website(s) and you'll see I love Flash and Java Applets. I created a series of political puzzles on my other website during the 2012 Presidential campaign. Here's a fun one below that will take you to a special message upon completion. Check on the link on my sidebar to the right and you'll find a link to my other political page that includes comments and puzzles that lead to messages, videos, and other sites. And remember to read the directions on each puzzle. They're all on a timer and must be finished within the allotted time-span or you'll have to start over. Click on the John Wayne image below or here to get started. Have fun.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

1 + 1 = The Fourth

Happy Birthday America - from Lee Greenwood and X


Monday, June 30, 2014

Meet The New Boss...

"same as the old boss" Pete Townsend - 1971

Morph Gif By Rich B

No matter how many ways you slice it, dictators and totalitarian governments are always the same old shit. They just come from different piles. It's the same circus, just different clowns. I could go on with the cliches but I've made my point. Berry Hussein Soetero Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama is cut from the same cloth as all the people in my morph image above. Omama may be a democratically elected president but he rules just like the clowns from circuses past. The IRS scandal is but one glaring example. And it is NOT phony. Having his stooge Eric Holder intentionally NOT enforce our laws is another. The lack absence of border enforcement is one more. How about Benghazi or the V.A. scandals. Obamacare? Should I go on?

And by telling the Republicans in Congress "I have a phone and a pen" he's not only giving them the middle finger, he's flipping America the "bird" too. And all of this comes from a man who claims to have taught Constitutional law for ten years. Just whose Constitution was he teaching? Not the one I've learned about. Maybe he was just grading papers at Harvard. He's been known to stretch the truth before about his past so it wouldn't surprise me. 

There's a damn good reason why we have a separation of powers in our Republic. It's so the juice doesn't get concentrated into one branch of our government. It's also to ensure that when we pass a law, there's a consensus and mandate in BOTH houses of Congress that we want it passed. The democraps and their Fuhrer Omama have either forgotten or just plain ignored those little tidbits of Constitutionality. Does anyone remember Omamacare and how it was passed forced on America?

It's too late to do anything about Omama. We're stuck with his skinny ass (assuming he actually leaves D.C.) for another two years. But in November we can send some of the progressive trash in Washington out for pick-up. And don't worry about separating them into different containers for recycling. They're all the same shit.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Not Only Does Texas Talk The Talk...

They also walk the walk. From Breitbart comes this gem below...

HOUSTON, Texas--Texas Congressmen Louie Gohmert and Bill Flores introduced legislation that offers a $1 million reward for any individual who can recover former IRS director Lois Lerner’s "lost" emails. Read more here.

If there's one thing about Capitalism I love, it is its reward for hard work and effort. You would never see an offer such as this in any other type of economic system. Now let's see if some enterprising geek, hacker, or disgruntled government official takes Flores and Gohmert up on their offer. Let's see if this passes in Texas. If there's any State in the USA that would put this great idea into law, it's Texas.

And I've been watching the constant footage of Lois Lerner along with the still images and finally figured out what it is about her that creeps me out. It's her eyes. She has dead robotic eyes. Eyes like a fish. IOW, she's a Stepford Bureaucrat. Just check any images of her out and you'll see what I'm talking about. She has a dead look about her. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Time To Shit Or Get Off The Pot

Today Senator Ted Cruz called for the impeachment of Eric Holder. Since Holder is a huge part of the problems with the Omama regime I agree. Holder has on multiple occasions refused to enforce the laws of our country. Even in cases where the outcome was a guaranteed victory for the Feds. He's been censured by Congress and held in contempt. He's partly, if not totally responsible for the Fast N Furious gun walking scandal and subsequently hid behind "executive privilege" when investigated. He's a total political hack for Omama and doesn't seem to give a shit about the laws of America when it comes to president Omama. I could go on but I think my readers will get my drift. 

It's become obvious he has no intention on investigating the IRS and the scandal surrounding their harassment of conservative groups during the last four years and especially the 2012 elections. Harassment that may have violated one of our most precious freedoms, that of voting without government influence. So it's time to hold him accountable. I'm not talking about another useless government hearing. I'm talking about the articles of Impeachment. So Senator Cruz, time to "shit or get off the pot" and start the proceedings. This EVIL CLOWN Holder has no intention of honoring his Oath Of Office. Time for him to go. 

Morph Gif By Rich B

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Old Friend Returns

Click To Enlarge

And no, the "friend" I refer to isn't John Koskinen, the snotty fucking asshole from the IRS. It's the world famous "Douchebag Award". I haven't given out one of these coveted prizes in a while, so today I thought I'd re-introduce the award and give it to someone who so very richly deserves it - John Koskinen of the IRS.

This particular Douchebag Prize we're awarding today is a custom design and features a handy viewing window so one can see what a "douche" actually consists of. Click on the image to enlarge and view the contents.

Today's Recipient Criteria & Qualifications: For being an arrogant, snotty, defiant, and utterly blatant example of what the government has become under the Omama regime, I can't think of anyone who has done more to earn this prize. If being an asshole and liar were tax deductible, this prick would never have to pay another dime. And I'm sure he has no worries about being prosecuted for lying to Congress. He's already been assured that there's not a "smidgeon" of corruption in the IRS. Omama said so, hence the dismissive attitude towards Congress and ultimately, America. Honorable mention also goes to the democraps who defended and actually apologized to this crooked shit-stain.

This Donkey Dick epitomizes what government bloat and corruption represents. So here you go John. You earned it. BTW asshole, I hope you get audited!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Trey Gowdy Kicks Ass On Koskinen

Adrienne from Adrienne's Catholic Corner posted this awesome video tonight and I thought I would pass it on. This is exactly what was needed to happen to this snotty fucking bastard Koskinen from the IRS. Check it out. This donkey-dick wasn't even sure of his own name when Trey got finished.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tonight's Palate Cleanser

It's time for a palate cleanser. And here's a great video from John Mellencamp. Although I hate his politics, I do enjoy his music. And Mellencamp has done some good things for the American Farmer. Pay special attention to John's drummer Kenny Aronoff. He is, IMHO, one of the great drummers in music today. He can Rock, go Country, Jazz it up, and just plain kick ass. Along with the late great Keith Moon, Kenny is my favorite drummer. Enjoy the video and try and forget the trash that currently plagues America right now. At least for about four and one-half minutes.


Lee Harvey Oswald

Friday, June 13, 2014

How Much More Do They Expect Us To Take

"Uhhh, the computer crashed and we lost all her emails"

I guess they didn't have the balls to try and claim "Executive Privilege" one more time so they're pulling this. Once again the shit-stains in the Omama regime and its IRS butt-licks have insulted the intelligence of the American people with their bullshit and lies. This time it's about Lois Lerner (again) and her IRS emails to the White House and other government agencies that were PROMISED to be revealed. From the Daily Caller comes this little tidbit of news. Of course the first thing that came to mind was the eighteen-minute gap in the Nixon Tapes during the Watergate hearings. Nixon would be proud of her lying ass.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the government, and especially the IRS rely on redundant systems and backups when it comes to records. I seriously doubt there's only one computer in the IRS and it just happened to be the one with Lerner's email records on its hard drive. And yet this is what these fucking liars would have us believe. Incredible! Just try and tell the IRS you lost your W-2 form or interest income statements at tax time and see what happens. Just try it!

First this lying hag Lerner planted a question in her own press conference to out the story about the IRS and its selective prosecution and harassment of conservative PAC groups. Then she claimed her Fifth Amendment privileges when being questioned by the House on IRS corruption, all the while spilling her guts to the DOJ on the very same subject. I guess she doesn't fear Eric Holder's people (for some odd reason) and yet has nothing to say to our elected representatives in the House. Then she's allowed to "retire" with all benefits and slink off into the sunset with no repercussions and/or accountability, unless you count a House contempt citation which is toothless when one considers it would be Eric Holder's DOJ who would investigate her. The entire scenario is a rigged fucking game.

What really pisses me off about this is this - nothing will happen. Based on past illegalities the people involved here will escape without any accountability. Congress will pitch a bitch, threaten those in charge with some type of sanctions and/or hearings (again) and maybe, just maybe, issue another worthless contempt citation. But no one will go to jail, lose their job or pay any price at all. Just a guess based on past actions. Any bets? I'm giving odds.

No, not a smidgeon of corruption going on here. The president said so.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our President In Action

Minus his trusty teleprompter...

Just a quick reminder as to who is supposedly running our country. And this fucking loser is the best the dems could come up with in 2008? Lord knows how Cankles will perform under pressure. Strike that. We already know.